Book Review: Uncomfortable Labels By Laura Kate Dale

‘Uncomfortable labels’ is the story of one gay, autistic, transgendered woman and her journey to find her place in the world.

Laura Kate Dale’s writing brings her experiences to this book with the same raw honesty that we see from others who are part of a plethora of people who have found a home on the internet. Laura has a gaming channel, a podcast and a career in gaming journalism. She is greatly respected in her field.

In her book she talks about all aspects of her life including the success she has achieved in the digital world. It is a career that she has been able to weave into her life so that it accommodates her needs as someone living with autism.

There were moments in this book that really educated me. As someone who is cis gendered and not living with autism there are a lot of aspects of both worlds in this book that are new to me. For example, I had no idea what stemming was until I started reading about Laura’s experiences.

She explains what a ‘noisey’ place the world is for someone living with autism and that not everyone diagnosed with it has the same experiences.

When discussing her identity Laura explains to the reader what it’s like to be transgendered in a world that really doesn’t make it easy. She talks about the horrible experiences she has had within society as a transgendered woman but also highlights the joys she has experienced living as who she has always identified as.

Furthermore, she also makes it clear that gender and sexuality should not be confused. They are very separate things. You can identify as transgender and gay. Laura lives as a lesbian woman.

It was the ‘coming of age’ era of her life that I could partly relate to. The loneliness she felt, the mistakes she makes, the home she finds in the 00s ’emo’ subculture is something I had gone through too. I could really empathise with Laura’s early experiences as a LGBTQ+ person.

There were moments that hit emotional cords in me as she explained what a terrifying place the world can be for her. She doesn’t let those daily battles keep her from telling the world who she is and that see deserves to be heard.

Overall, Laura Kate Dale has written a book that is truly inspiring, emotional and educational. I would recommend ‘Uncomfortable Labels’ to anyone who has ever felt a bit different and anyone who wants to be a better ally.

‘Uncomfortable Labels’ by Laura Kate Dale is published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers and is available to purchase at and other book retailers.

This review was made possible by Netgalley with an advanced reader copy.


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