Creature Feature Season on the Horror Channel: Feel the terror with these creepy critters of the movie world


Some of us feel the intense inner scream of fear when we cast our eyes on the formidable animalistic wonders of the natural world. And why not?! It’s a survival instinct. When you see something that might coil its body around you and squeeze the life out of you I would say it is a completely rational reaction to thrown your hands in the air and run in the opposite direction screaming. So prepare to shake with terror as the Horror Channel brings you an infestation of skin crawling creature features this March. The CREATURE-FEATURE SEASON is a monstrous collection of creature carnage, which includes the UK TV premieres of IT CAME FROM THE DESERT, Marko Mäkilaakso’s smart, funny and very creepy homage to Ray Harryhausen, and Micah Gallo’s skin-tingling directorial debut ITSY BITSY.


Friday 6 March @ 21:00 – TREMORS (1990) Channel Premiere


Kevin Bacon stars in this revved up monster movie made with an enthusiastic nod to classic 1950s monster flicks. Two handymen must battle giant carnivorous sandworms that threaten their small Nevada town. The eccentric and resilient townspeople must do everything in their powers to survive this new menacing species.

Friday 13 March @ 21:00 – ITSY BITSY (2018) UK TV Premiere

Itsy Bitsy-WEB2

Kara (Elizabeth Roberts), a single mother struggling to raise two children in New York City, receives a job offer to work as a private nurse in the mid-West. At first things seem normal enough, but what Kara doesn’t know is that doom preceded their arrival in the form of a mysterious ancient relic. And, if her family are to survive the horrific nightmare now lurking in the shadows, they will need to confront their deepest fears and personal demons.


Friday 20 March @ 21:00 – IT CAME FROM THE DESERT (2012) UK TV Premiere

It Came From The Desert-5

Inspired by Cinemaware’s cult 1980s video game, itself motivated by the giant creature feature craze infesting 1950s Hollywood. Get ready for the pulp action horror mutant monster movie of the year, involving rival motocross heroes and cocooned heroines, out-of-control kegger parties in the New Mexico desert, crashed meteors from outer space, secret underground labyrinth military bases and epic havoc caused by massive spider/ant hybrids!

Friday 27 March @ 21:00 – ANACONDA (1997)


A documentary film crew led by anthropologist Steven Cale (Eric Stoltz) and director Terri Flores (Jennifer Lopez) enters the mysterious world of the Amazon in search of the legendary Shirishama Indians. But when they meet Paul Sarone (Jon Voight), who is on his own dark quest to track a lethal 40-foot Anaconda, the expedition becomes a jungle nightmare and they must use every primal resource just to stay alive.

Horror Channel: Be Afraid

You can find Horror Channel on Sky ch: 317, Virgin ch: 149, Freeview ch: 70 and Freesat ch: 138. Visit Horror Channel by click here to find out what other chilling programming they have coming up.

Happy Horror watching!


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