Theatre | Three Way is an incredible thought-provoking new play exploring the emotional impact of the bisexual experience

Fringe theatre is great because it gives artist, writers and actors the chance to explore less visible issues to an open-minded audiences. It allows members of minority communities to shine a spotlight on themes that often feel ignored. This is something that Split Infinitive theatre is brilliantly doing for the bisexual community with their new production, Three Way.

As we move forward into what we hope is a more inclusive and embracing world, the B of LGBTQ+ is still regularly left silent, particularly when it comes to men. Three Way explores some of the many misconceptions about bisexual men, whether they really exist, whether they are as promiscuous as the internet says, and whether they can even be trusted. Three Way is a collection of three monologues, two from the point of view of a bisexual man, David and Guy, and one from Clara, the daughter of a bisexual father. Collectively these monologues explore topics of identity, regret, shame and love across a spectrum of life experience and asks the questions ‘is it ever too late to accept who you are’, ‘is there ever room for ethics in a relationship based on physical touch’, and ‘do we ever really forget the ones that hurt us first?’

Three Way is designed to not only be inclusive but also to help remove the stigma behind being an openly bisexual man in the twenty-first century. As many bisexual members of the LGBTQ+ community suffer with mental illness, anxieties and thoughts of suicide about their sexual orientation, Three Way aims to shine a light on the bisexual man and truly acknowledge their existence with the community.

I’ve had the pleasure of having a little sneak peek at the play and it is fantastic. Not only are the themes explored thought-provoking but they are also touching in a very heartfelt way. In little snippets of the monologues I recognised my own experiences. There were moments where I teared up but there were also moments where a little smile crept across my face as one of the characters recalled his sexual exploits. This play reaches out to the bisexual community like a salute to our existence. It says loud and proud “we see you, we hear you and you’re not alone”.

You will be able to see Three Way by Split Infinitive Theatre @The Camden Fringe Festival in August and @The Greater Manchester Fringe Festival in September. Click here to find out how to get tickets.

Click here to find out more about Split Infinitive Theatre

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