Nuclear Future – The play that contemplates what happens to your family when the Doomsday Clock strikes midnight

The world is a little crazy right now. A little while ago there was a false alarm of a nuclear attack in Hawaii and people thought it was real. In a world where the Doomsday clock sits at 2 minutes to midnight, award-winning production company, Gameshow wants you ask what happens to your family.

Nuclear Future centres on Astrid, who is a pretty average woman and a mother. Just like you she works, she looks after her kid, she drinks coffee. She does normal things like everyone else but she also asks what happens if a world leader, with the push of a button, decides to launch a weapon so powerful it could change the entire world.

Nuclear Future - Leda Douglas (credit Adam Levy) (9)

Gameshow has created a 1 hour experience to bring the reality of what nuclear weapons can do to theatre audiences. When we see world ending scenarios talked about by experts and professors on the news and on TV discussion shows it is easy to see the threat of these weapons as some sort of fantasy. To think that the threat of nuclear war is as real as the latest comic book inspired blockbuster at the cinema but the truth is that we as a global society are responsible for technology that can rip the world apart in a seconds.

Directors Matt Ryan and Matthew Evans wanted to explore the subject on a human level.

“We wanted to find a way to explore the everyday impact of something so enormous we can’t bear to think about it. How can we respond to increasingly regular nuclear threats around the world?”

Nuclear Future - Leda Douglas (credit Adam Levy) (5)

The show stars actor Leda Douglas as Astrid. It also uses immersive soundscape designed by Dominic Kennedy and experimental video-lighting technique from Joshua Pharo to lead the audience to use their imagination to create the unimaginable.

What happens the next time we launch a nuclear attack? Can we afford to pretend these weapons don’t exist?

Nuclear Future tours 18th – 29th October 2019 at the following locations. Click the links to buy tickets.

Performance Dates:

London on 18th – 19th Oct @ Camden People’s Theatre – 9pm

Oxford on 23rd Oct @ The North Wall – 8pm

Manchester on 24th Oct @ The Lowry – 8pm

Newcastle on 25th Oct @ Live Theatre – 8 pm

Doncaster on 29th Oct @ Cast – 7.15pm

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